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Anita Kuzyk

Please note: The Fort Saskatchewan Community Band appreciates an honourarium for performances to help cover its costs.

A FORT SASKATCHEWAN & AREA AMBASSADOR BAND was formed by the Fort Saskatchewan Community Band Society in 2011. As the international touring arm of the organization, the group travels every two years, accepting new members with each endeavour. It has performed in Cuba, Iceland and Morocco to date, and plans a trip to Barbados this summer! Dr. Guy Palmer directs and coordinates the itineraries for the Ambassador Band!


The Ambassador Band wrapped up its recent trip to Iceland with a May 31st Friendship Concert at the Central Lions Recreation Centre in Edmonton. The Albertans were hosted by 3 bands, toured the sights and experienced activities like horse riding, whale watching and hiking during their week-long stay. In Reykjavik, the capital city, they performed a joint concert with the Svanur Band in Harpa, the new seaside concert hall. They ferried to Heimaey and presented a community show with the Westman Island Community Band. In Thorlakshofn, the whole community turned up at the sports hall for a joint concert with the Thorlakshofn Town Band. The Ambassadors were impressed by the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of the hospitality they were shown, and the Icelanders' commitment to and love of music. They look forward to another tour in two years.